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Homoeopathy explained through Xenobiology

Dr R.R. Sharma
Homoeopathy: Personal Experiences & Views

(6 March text revised 17 October 2001)

Copyright by the author Prof. Dr. Rati Ram Sharma- all rights reserved.

My attention had been drawn to the two critical web sites: "Homeopathy: The Ultimate Fake", by Stephen Barrett and "Homeopathy-a critique", by Rasmus Jansson. Since the main concern of these authors, in my opinion, was 'general well-being' I hoped they would gladly put my briefly described experiences & views (6 March text) on their web sites. A copy was emailed to Dr. Sahni, Mumbai who put it on the web site under 'articles/research papers' Jansson also put it on the web site: The Journal of Homoeopathy of Northern India published it in its 5 (1) Jan-March 2001 issue on pages 4-9. Barrett did not even acknowledge receipt of the article emailed on 6th March and on 28 August said he does not post "nonsense" on his web site. He has the support of, among others: (a) The Executive Director of the American Physical Society, which publishes several top class research journals of Physics. (b) The former Commissioner of the american Federal Drug Administration (FDA), who did not ban the homoeodrugs only because he was not sure of the Congress support. (c) Fortytwo prominant "critics of quackery & pseuduscience", who have petitioned the FDA against Homoeopathy.They all hold that homoeoremedies being "placebo" do not work and hence should be banned. In fact, Barrett, his group and such other "adherents of Scientific Medicine (Allopathy)" are where I was till mid 1960s. They all, like me, can take a U-turn to support Homoeopathy if they read my this article and the book Molecular Homoeopathy carefully. But the real change in their attitude will start if and when they themselves experience the advantage of Homoeopathy over Allopathy. In this article I answer some frequently asked questions, doubts and misconceptions about Homoeopathy.

According to Avogadro's law a gram-mole of a compound contains 6.02x1023 molecules. Therefore, "homoeopathic potencies of 12c centesimal or 24X decimal and higher, do not contain any molecule of the original drug and hence are placebos", is the perpetual criticism of Homoeopathy. The authors of the above two websites are not the first or alone to raise it. In future also it will be repeated if the "scientists" continue to ignore the underlying new scientific phenomena crying for recognition to enrich the sciences.

I, like any others knowing the Avogadro's law, used to discard and disregard Homoeopathy till mid 1960s when a homoeopath 'cured' my wife's eczema not amenable to Allopathy. This aroused my scientific curiosity to see these medicines act in my own hands and to explain the basic mechanisms within the framework of modern sciences. I studied widely, took a correspondence course and started treating my self, family members, associates and friends. After twelve years of hard work and thought I concluded, in the sick bed for jaundice, that Homoeopathy's art is valid but its science is nebulous. Some new concepts, phenomena, nay Sciences are needed to elucidate the science of Homoeopathy. This marked my search's end in one direction and beginning in another, culminating in the 1984-book 'Molecular Homoeopathy' / (Molecular Biophysics of the "Micro" Dose) and four dozen publications to date. Presently I am working on the new book "Scientific Homoeopathy / (The Rational Medicine)"

How to establish the efficacy of the homoeomedicines, is the big question. I first thought of the 'Double Blind Drug Trials' (DBDT) wherein both the doctor and the patient remain "blind" or unaware whether the given dose is active medicine or a similar looking inert placebo, and which every allopathic drug has to satisfy before coming to the market for public prescription. However, I found DBDT inapplicable to Homoeopathy mainly because patients with the same pathology cannot be randomized into two groups for treatment with active homoeomedicine and placebo. Because different patients usually have different symptom-totality, calling for different homoeomedicines. And the homoeophysician cannot remain "blind" but must know total symptoms before and after every dose of the known medicine to ensure that the cure is progressing according to the Herring's laws, the last symptoms are disappearing first, and medicines & dose frequency adjusted to the changing need.

I therefore got interested in those well worked out and firmly diagnosed cases, which served their own controls. These, for the Modern Scientific Medicine are: (a) incurable/fatal, (b) difficult-to-cure even with long, some times life long, medication, (c) requiring surgery, (d) viral infections where Allopathy offers nothing, (e) baby/child diseases where placebo does not work.

The cases of Indian Childhood Cirrhosis were diagnosed on liver biopsy, liver function tests, clinical history and physical examination. And were discharged from the referral hospital with hopeless prognosis, a week or ten days' short survival and with a whisper advice to take the child quick lest he should die on the way. But all showed definite signs of improvement within three days of the start of homoeopathic treatment with Ars, Phos etc. Since ICC is known to occur with a high frequency in the siblings, it is
interesting to report that the prophylactic treatment of the mother during pregnancy and then of the child after birth succeeded in three couples, one of whom had earlier lost five sons to ICC. President Radhakrishnan's ADC, who had suffered migraine for over 20 years and resigned in disgust when he did not get relief even with the treatments in Germany & U.K., was cured with Homoeopathy. A number of cases with confirmed diagnosis of psoriasis were homoeotreated satisfactorily. The MD in Pharmacology and Dean of Dharwar Medical College in Karnataka, after reading Molecular Homoeopathy (ref.1) came all the way by air for treatment of psoriasis and experienced relief within an hour of the homoeodose of Psor and "euphoria" on overnight crust shedding. An army Colonel had to fly in non-pressurized aircrafts during 1947-48 Indo-Pak war and developed labyrinth vertigo. Ever since he suffered giddiness & reeling sensation whenever he laid down in bed, turned on side or bent down. A number of E.N.T. experts were consulted and all sorts of tests were done without relief. He took homoeomedicine Nat. Sulph. From me in August 1974 on a Friday and did head-stand on Sunday. A four year girl child was treated in the advance institute of Scientific Medicine for acute Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura in 1993 with 2mg/Kg body weight prednisolone and later with 9 gm/day for 5 days immunoglobulin Ig G, then with Chinese medicine. In April 1997 she again had an acute episode, with platelet count <5000/mm3. The ITP is so serious a disease that a patient can internally bleed and collapse while talking! The homoeo-treatment with Lach raised the platelet count gradually from <5000 through <10000 on third day and then 33000, 79000 to 120000 tested weekly, rising later to 140000. The second case of ITP had platelet count <5000 five days after receiving 1500 mg prednisolone over 3 days in a referral Institute (PGI, Chandigarh). But showed a better response to homoeotreatment with Lach starting 1 September 2001. The platelet count rose to 14000, 25000, 1.3 lac and 3.39 lac after 4, 10, 24 and 45 days' treatment. A teacher in our Nursing College lost her fianc in the 1971 Indo-Pak war and developed Thyrotoxicosis complicated with Exophthalmos and Amenorrhea. The treating endocrinologist advised her to learn to live with it. But after homoeocure with Thyroidinum she married and had two children. Out of the several cases of arthritis and spondylosis the most striking one was that of general spondylosis threatening extremities and requiring urgent surgery. The homoeocure with Rhus and Calc carb gave her permanent relief. A senior executive was admitted for surgical removal of a solitary thyroid nodule. On learning of the possible homoeocure he left the hospital and was actually cured with Calc carb. The prolapse uterus in the third stage advised Thomson correction was rectified homoeopathically Lilium Trig. Several cases of renal stone and of viral hepatitis with jaundice were also homoeo-treated; the Australia antigen test undertaken in one case became negative after homoeotreatment. A case with confirmed diagnosis of active Idiopathic Ulcerative Procto-Colitis with ulcers in rectum and sigmoid colon and having passed blood with stools for years was cured with Phos and Merc. Earlier his sister had died in 1983 of ulcerative colitis and his family had given up hopes for his survival. Among several cases of asthma the most challenging was that of a young girl who had suffered for a decade with asthma, hives and remittent fever, occasionally spending the whole nights sitting. When Wysolone and Asthaline did not give adequate relief her treating allopathic physician sent her to me and she was cured with Ars, Ipec and Sepia. Potencies used for these homoeocures were 30c, 200c and 1000c, all far beyond the Avogadro's limit of 12c. But in my latest view (ref. 20) the 15c followed, if and when required
to change the potency, by (14c 16c) mixture suffice for clinical use, unnecessitating all other potencies. Presently clinical drug trials on these lines are under way at multiple centres with Ars, Bell, Bry, Calc, Rhus and Sulph.

These my few but convincing personal observations corroborate the overwhelmingly huge mass of persuasive evidence collected by innumerable, better homoeopaths than me, all over the world during the past over two centuries that homoeomedicines do cure even in high potencies with no molecule of the original drug in them. Clearly some molecules of diluent medium (lactose, water, ethanol) act curatively, suggesting a new scientific phenomenon bypassing the Avogadro's law. Really informative were the controlled animal experiments on Alloxan induced diabetes in rats and DMBA (Dimethyl-benz-anthracine) induced toxicity and cancer in mice. The dynamized 30c potency of the disease-causing chemical was curative but undynamized simple dilution of the same extent had no effect. These observations were confirmed by ref. 8. For preparing the 30c potency the mixture was vigorously agitated at each of 30 steps of 100 fold dilution but in simple dilutions the agitations were omitted. The mechanical dynamization processes of trituration or succussion at each step of dilution, which are unique only to Homoeopathy and not yet explored by "sciences", induce the diluent molecules (lactose, water, ethanol) to acquire and later mimic the chemical specificity of the original drug molecule so as to themselves act as the therapeutic agent. So, the homoeodose is not "micro placebo" but contains plenty of medicinally active
diluent molecules, removing for good the perennial conceptual impasse created by the Avogadro's law. Modern Physics recognizes the induction of magnetism and electric charge but not of the chemical specificity of one molecule into another which underlies the process of homoeopotentization.

The new science of Inductive Chemistry envisages studying the mechanism of preparation and properties of the 'induced molecules'. The other two new sciences of Xenobiology and Inductoxenopathy are elucidated elsewhere to explain the basis and operation of the Law of Similars etc.

All sciences are based on the real facts of observation and their theoretical explanation. If and when there is a conflict between theory and observation the former is revised to describe the latter faithfully. But if
the theory is so well established that the new observations seem anomalous the latter are again repeated in a different setting. If even then the observations get strengthened, there is a need for a deeper re-evaluation to discover new scientific phenomenon, which bypasses and yet is consistent with the old theory. This is exactly the challenge thrown up by the curative action of high potency homoeodrugs. The underlying new phenomenon is the induction of chemical specificity of the solute drug molecules into the molecules of solvent medium via dynamization processes. The modern sciences do not provide for it and hence will be enriched by recognizing and investigating it further. Revision of the physical basis of the 'chemical
specificity' of a molecule becomes necessary, however.

The chemical and biochemical discriminatory mechanisms recognize a molecule in two steps: first, of physical bonding via complementary 3-dimensional structures and second, of exchanging the energy dE
specifically characteristic of the recognizer-recognizee pair. The first step exercises a negative recognition and the second constitutes the positive recognition. The first step can be definite only to tell that the
molecule not binding to the receptor for A is not the molecule A. But the second step identifies A positively via the chemically exchanged energy dE, which is uniquely specific of the molecule A. If the molecule B is induced to carry the exchangeable energy of A, the discriminatory machinery is fooled to treat B as A, as here.

The molecules of lactose, water and ethanol have only -OH group in common. The oxygen atom in the -OH group, due to sp3 hybridization, has four equivalent valency orbitals. Two of these have bond pair electrons and the other two unshared lone pair electrons. The latter having no definite higher energy levels, can be raised, in small steps, to any desired energy level and hence play the basic role here. The organic solvent DMSO (Dimethyl-Sulphoxide) has lone pair electrons but no -OH group and does not serve as a diluent medium (ref. 21), emphasizing the role of the lone pair electrons of the -OH groups.

During forceful triturations and impacted succussions the outermost electron shell of the solute drug molecules comes repeatedly in close proximity with those of the diluent molecules. This induces resonant promotion of the lone pair electrons of the diluent -OH groups, in small steps, to energy levels of the chemically active electrons of drug molecules. The diluent molecules thus acquire the chemically exchangeable energy and hence the chemical specificity of the drug molecule to get "potentized" with the drug. During serial dilutions of potency preparation the original drug molecules get eliminated and the diluent molecules resonantly promoted by them take over the resonant promotion of the unpromoted diluent molecules. These considerations have experimental support (ref. 12, 13).

Smith & Boericke (ref.12) studied the CH3-, CH2- and -OH peaks in the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectra of ethanol, unsuccussed and succussed dilutions of sulphur in ethanol. Only the -OH peak of only the succussed potency spreads and reduces in area under the curve. No modern science can explain this observation which in our theory however, follows from the resonant promotion of lone pair electrons of -OH groups in the potentized ethanol.

The Laser Raman Spectral peak (ref. 13) of diluent alcohol disappears in succussed dilution of Potassium Dichromate and reduces in height in that of Ammonium Nitrate but a new peak of the solute appears in both cases. These results cannot be explained by modern sciences, but follow easily from the resonant promotion of the lone pair electrons of -OH groups of the potentized alcohol.

When a causative xenobiotic X' affects a strategic biomoleule M a molecular disease complex MX' is formed which alters the rates and/or routes of the basic biochemical reactions leading to some iochemical, biopotential and tissue changes and altered feelings and sensations. The allopathic treatments deal with these results and effects of disease leaving MX' alone. Attempts are made to keep the vital parameters only within the "normal range" since their normal value for the particular patient cannot be known.
Progressing basic disease requires gradually increasing dose creating side effects. Big molecules of allopathic drugs and low homoeopotencies in lactose cannot, but high potencies in ethanol can, cross the lipid and water channels in biological membranes to act inside and produce profound effects.
On this is based homoeopaths' belief that higher potency is more powerful. This is also why Homoeopathy, even in my own hands as mentioned above, could cure some cases not amenable to Allopathy. An adherent of the modern Scientific Medicine has to actually experience and (re)think to believe, like me, in the advantages of Homoeopathy over Allopathy. For instance, the recent large scale slaughter of animals with 'foot & mouth' disease in U.K. and Europe could be minimized if Homoeopathy were allowed its due role.

The symptom totality of a disease, in fact, indicates the total biological response of the healthy subject in the patient to the causative xenobiotic, as studied by the new science of Xenobiology. It has two components: activation of the defence mechanisms against the antigenic determinants on the xenobiotic molecule and the pathophysiology of the affected biomolecules, cells, tissues & organs. The potentized homoeomedicine Dx, prepared by resonantly promoting the diluent molecules D with the crude drug molecules X, contains a mixture of diluent molecules resonantly promoted with the antigenic and pathogenic determinants of X. The xenobiotic X', crude drug X and the homoeopotency Dx, carry similar chemically exchangeable energies and chemical specificities, hence elicit similar symptom totality. The homoeocure has two pronged effect: one of stimulating the immune response (aggravating some symptoms), and second of dislodging X' from the disease complex MX' formed with the biomolecule M (ameliorating some symptoms), through competitive chemical exchanges :
MX' Dx < > MD x X'
MD x < > M D x
X' is
biodegraded/ bioeliminated
D x is depromoted to D , the
diluent molecule D is metabolized .

Competitive chemical exchanges between the pathogenic and curative
xenobiotics are thus basic to the homoeopathic drug action on the Law of
Similars. For this, the tiny amount of homoeomedicine as potentized ethanol
adsorbed/absorbed and retained for long via hydrogen bonds on sugar pills is
sufficient. For an 'incurable disease' this chemical exchange fails. Wurmser
(ref. 15) found that dynamized potencies of Arsenic and Bismuth increased
their elimination from animal tissues. I have treated a case each of
Arsenic toxicity with Arsenic album 200c, Opium toxicity with Opium 1M and
Belladonna toxicity with Bell 10M. The control of Alloxan induced diabetes
in rats with 30c Alloxan and of DMBA toxicity in mice with 30c DMBA,
presented above, are also supportive. The new science of Inductoxenopathy
envisages use of induced xenobiotics as medicines according to the Law of
Similars. Immunisation operates via the mediation of specific antibodies and as such is different from Homoeopathy.

Allopathy like Ayurved, as against Homoeopathy, operates on the 'Principle
of Opposites'. For instance digitalis, knwon for lowering the heart rate, is
given in large doses to control 'tachy cardia' (high heart rate) but is a
homoeomedicine for 'brady cardia' (low heart rate). Since the
allopathic/ayurvedic and homoeopathic medicines differ in their planes and
modes of action, the two can go together with advantage to the patient. A
judicious combination of Allopathy/Ayurved, Surgery, Homoeopathy and Yoga
offers a new Unified Therapeutics 'Navayurveda', the new Ayurved, to realize
the Holistic Health "connoting harmonious normalcy at all the four planes
of personality manifestation: social, physical, mental, supramental". Here
allopathic drug, as in emergencies, homoeopathic aggravations and advanced
stages of disease, keeps the symptoms within tolerance of the patient while
homoeomedicine effects the basic cure. The patient does not stop allopathic
drug suddenly before or on starting the homoeotreatment but tapers it off
with the progress of homoeocure and increasing relief.

According to World Health Organization "Health is a state of complete
physical, mental and social well-being and not merely an absence of disease
or infirmity". Here 'absence of disease is NOT health'. This internal
inconsistency or self contradiction arises because for diagnosis under the
Scientific Medicine a disease has to be advanced enough to create laboratory
detectable biochemical abnormalities and/or biopotential variations and/or
pathologic tissue changes out side the "normal range", since there is no way
of ascertaining the normal value of the diagnostic parameter for the
particular patient. In the pre- or sub-clinical stage, the clinical
laboratories report N.A.D. (no abnormality detected or no appreciable
disease) but the patient suffers some subjective/mental and physical
symptoms on which a curative homoeomedicine can be given to nip or abort the

disease. Therefore, Homoeopathy can and does serve as an effective
Preventive Community Medicine for preventing diseases from progressing to
advanced dangerous stages.

The other deficiency in WHO's definition is that it does not recognize the
existence or achievability of the "supra mental health". However the Yoga
practices of pranayam (breath control) and dhyan (meditation) have been
shown, as in my own experience, to induce the rare abilities like intuition,
self control on thought, assuming alpha and theta brain states at will, etc.
Homoeopathy and Yoga help attenuate anxiety and other psychological
components of disease.

Homoeopathy has always been and still is beyond the contemporary sciences
but provides the bases, and needs recognition, of three new sciences:
Inductive Chemistry, Xenobiology & Inductoxenopathy. It has vast
therapeutic potentials, both curative and preventive, yet is cheap and free
from the side effects of Allopathy. It is NOT a "Quackery" or "Ultimate
Fake", but the main (not mere alternative) Medicine of the new
century/millennium. An open minded approach, keeping the general well-being
upper most, is needed to develop Navayurveda based Medical Education and
Health Care Delivery System.

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